Friday, May 8, 2020

Animal Crossing New Horizons At Last!

March 20, 2020. This is Mash from the island of Balihogn. The evening of the first day.
 My youngest son was my island's first visitor. :D
 Balihogn's original islanders + Nan.
 Silliness with random items.
 First money tree since City Folk. :)
 House upgraded from tent.
 First bridge.
 First rainbow. :D
The moment I knew the creepy elephant had to go.

 Around the island.
Marshal singing K.K. Rock. Agent S with shades over her visor!
The start of the clock collection.
Visiting my daughter's island with my youngest son. :D
Goofing with the island buds at Harv's.
Early island randomness.
First day terraforming.
 First house relocation.

 Goofing off with two of my kids.

 Unknown angry bear on a random island.
First Flick visit.
Got Julian on another random island.
Filling up the trike while gas prices are low.
Path blockage.

Five star island. :)
Daughter with pink hair. 
Clifftop pool.
Birb footy prints!

The floor is lava.
First visit from lots of friends at once.
 Bob emerges from the loo with a sandwich.
Got Hopper with an Amiibo card. :)
Clay gave me a car. :D