I started playing Animal Crossing in 2002. I adored the original game and played it obsessively. My first ever town was called "Dorfy", (named after my favorite villain, Ganondorf.), and my main character was "Arraddy".

I ended up starting a second town on a separate memory card so I could travel back and forth as much as I wanted. My second town was called "Clooble".

I still have both the original towns, and I still play in them a few times a year just to pull all the dang weeds and add a bit to the savings account. So far Arraddy has accumulated 93,540,695 bells!

When Wild world was released, I was a bit disappointed that I had to play it on the tiny DS screen. A few new items, but pretty much the same things to collect. But at least we got to ditch those dumb hats and got to style our hair!

My original Wild World town was called "Yosh!", and Myrret made her first appearance as my main character.

City Folk made me happy for a while, but it started feeling like the same old thing with not many new items. At least I could SEE what I was playing, though. My first City Folk town was also called Dorfy, and I played with another character named Arraddy.

When my Wii went kablewy, so did Dorfy. :( I got a new Wii shortly after and started over with a  town called Balihogn. (I got the name from the children's book "Borrowers Aloft". I shortened it to Balihogn because you can only have eight letters in the town name.)

New Leaf is amazing! I'm very happy with all the new things to do and collect, although I still think they should have come up with more new gyroids...

My town in New Leaf is also called Balihogn, and Myrret is it's Mayor. (Playing this game on the 3DS XL solves the tiny screen problem for me.) I share my town with three of my five children. The two others have 3DS's and towns of their own, so I will occasionally post photos of our family shenanigans.

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