Tuesday, August 8, 2023

I Haven't Posted In Forever, But I'm Still Playing Animal Crossing!

I started playing New Horizons as soon as it came out, and I've changed my island a gajillion times since then. At the moment, I still have the blue theme. (My favorite color.) 
 Come visit my very blue dream island! :)

The cliff is on fire...

The freakiest rabbit in AC. She has Bratz doll lips!

Oh dear, what are the gnomes selling now...

This one's shopping for flowers.

An open-air church.


Typical bunny. Giving me "The Butt". Our real life bunnies do this when they're miffed at us! :D

Yes, Mash, The dress makes you look fat.

I was bored, so I started snapping photos of Mash behind various things.

I have transformed Mash's house into a used book store.

Chortle has a Clock Shop in his house. 


Capn being lazy

JPeg in her basement ice cream shop below the toy store. 


The toy store. 

Around the island silliness.

Arraddy's Post Office